Property & Portfolio Management

  • Opportunities for New Revenue Streams
  • Development of Marketable Telecommunications Facilities
  • Comprehensive Portfolio Antenna Site Management
  • Fiduciary Services to Manage and Report Receivables

For over 20 years, the Wireless EDGE team has worked with commercial landlords and private owners to develop valuable cell towers and other antenna sites as a means of maximizing property values and generating long term revenue streams. We have a history of successfully developing challenging sites, including projects where aesthetics and customer sensitivities are paramount. Our expertise in stealth design and our attention to detail means you will have an industry expert on your team.

Our facilities are typically located on rooftops, water tanks, homeowner association grounds, agricultural and undeveloped lands, private golf courses and other properties.

Our team will effectively manage the entire process, without disrupting resources from your core business. We can position your properties and venues to be ready and attractive to the wireless carriers. Our expertise in working with the wireless carriers and understanding their equipment and business objectives will expedite the process and facilitate good tenant relations. Our deep understanding of wireless facility design, hardware and operations, and our experience with thousands of cell installations means your property will be protected and benefit from sensible design.

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