Government Properties

  • Community-based Infrastructure for Improved Wireless Services
  • Public-Private Partnerships for Local Solutions
  • Lease Auditing and Cell Site Consulting

We have established ourselves as industry experts in working with government agencies to develop, lease and manage cell towers and antenna sites to maximize revenue, create value and connect communities to state-of-the art wireless services.

Whether a single tower or large portfolio, our highly experienced team has developed and refined a streamlined approach to oversee all aspects of facility management. For new towers, we understand the fine points of space planning including integration of government antenna systems and tower load design for future technology migration. We have a history of successfully developing challenging sites, including highway right-of-way, remote areas that require specialized design, and security considerations.

Our integrity and our unprecedented level of transparency and reporting means your agency can rest assured that we are working in the public interest.

 Our facilities are typically located at town halls, DPW yards, police and fire stations, parks, public housing, campuses, golf courses and other public properties.

Our management team and installation crews have extensive experience constructing facilities on public property, including facilities for State of New Jersey, Baltimore County MD, National Weather Service, U.S Army, NASA and municipalities coast to coast. Wireless EDGE provides engineering, technical support and construction management for the National Weather Service and regularly provides tower and antenna system design support for municipal systems on our towers.

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