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146-foot Monopole tower located on the famous Homer Spit, City of Homer, Alaska.

Competed January 2018 (yes…we built it in Alaska in winter)

Homer is in south-central Alaska on the Kenai Peninsula. The landmark Homer Spit is a 4.5-mile stretch jutting out into the Kachemak Bay, and is home to the Homer Boat Harbor serving up to 1500 commercial and private boats, campgrounds, the Land’s End Resort and numerous shops and tourist attractions, including the famous Salty Dawg Saloon.

The multi-carrier tower serves the Spit, south face of the City, Homer Airport, water coverage on the Bay and includes the City’s antenna systems installed by Wireless EDGE.

Scenic photography by Don Pitcher Photography (donpitcherphotography.com)


South Jersey Transportation Authority

300-foot Self-Supporting Lattice tower located on at the Farley Service Plaza on the Atlantic City Expressway.

Completed Summer 2014

This tower facility is located at Milestone 21 on the Atlantic City Expressway in Hamilton Township overlooking the Farley Service Plaza, NJ State Police and SJTA Headquarters.

Wireless EDGE replaced an existing guyed tower with a new high-capacity multi-carrier tower. The project included a temporary monopole installation for continuity of service, removal of the old 300-foot guyed tower, installation on the new tower and government antennas, and a refresh of the government equipment building and compound.


125-foot Stealth Smokestack tower located at the Montclair Township Community Services / Public Works Facility.

Completed Summer 2012

This unique tower facility is integrated into the DPW garage and overlooks Essex Park, the Woodman Field athletic complex, and nearby Montclair High School. The custom design by Wireless EDGE includes internal 6-level antenna platforms, interior lighting and central cable conveyance system.