Property Owners

Have us evaluate your property or portfolio.
We regularly evaluate properties for owners who are interested in a potential tower site on their property or need help marketing a portfolio of properties to the wireless carriers.

Cell leases offer a long-term revenue stream with minimal cancellations compared to commercial and residential tenants. Carrier leases typically run 30 years or longer, with passive occupancy and only occasional maintenance visits. At the same time, there are only a few major wireless carrier tenants in the market and attracting high-quality cell leases require both a good location and ability to react quickly to capture opportunities. Negotiating fair leases requires highly specialized industry knowledge that Wireless EDGE brings to the table.

The new revenue on your property may also be monetized to provide a lump sum buyout in lieu of recurring rent payments. This provides property owners access to immediate funding.

Sell your Tower
If you own a tower and are interested in selling it, or converting it to a ground lease, we can evaluate it and advise you of your options; and we may be interested in buying or managing it. In either case, with Wireless EDGE you can rest assured that the facility will be professionally managed and maintained. We can also structure a deal that provides future revenue opportunities as new carriers are added.

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